TSR Workshop

TSR Workshop

Enables importing custom content into The Sims 3 & 4
TSR Workshop v2.2
29 Jun 2016
TSR Workshop v2.0
10 Jul 2010
TSR Workshop v1.0
28 Nov 2009
TSR Workshop v0.8
23 Oct 2009
TSR Workshop v0.6
24 Jul 2009
TSR Workshop v0.1
29 Nov 2009

What's new

v2.2 [27 May 2016]
Fixed when importing mesh on sims 3 CASPs it gets distorted.
Can now delete bones
Added modify cutout bounding box
Added copy slot location
Fixed chair dropshadow doesn't move with chair
Added support for tuning modding
WS now marks project as changed when moving a bone/slot
Enabled some objects to be marked as favorites for starting a project
Exposed some more flag fields to be edited
Attempting to add slot to object not designed to have any now creates the necessary resources.
Can choose to add all original color options to an object when starting a project
Improved thumbnails as viewed in WS
Imported texture can now be applied to all linked within meshgroup in one go
Option to create all three sizes when making a new deco slot.
Exporting package speeded up
Tags in better sort order
Added draw footprints in preference to editing the point data.
Edit mirror plane in Workshop's GUI instead of diving into the MLOD data
Can now Add in TS4 material editor
Added the rest of the TRIMs to WS
Fixed TRIM projects not being exportable to package
Fixed obscure crash in material editor that only happened if you clicked ok senselessly when you meant to cancel!
Fixed wallmasks and textures for taller wall windows distorting.
Some walls were cloning wrong
Fixed crash when deleting a resource after sorting in Project Contents
Can now once more make column project for TS4
Fixed most cases of D3DErr crash

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